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Billionaires would not be who they are without their teachers!  Now it’s the teacher's turn to be the Tycoon!

Hey Lady, Teacher, Friend...

Ready to Launch an Income Stream to Build Wealth Teaching What You Know? Harness Your Power, Doing What You DO BEST and Make 6 Figures, even more--7 Figures whether you leave teaching OR stay OR BOTH!

Build a 6-Figure or More Income with the Teacher Tycoon™ LIVE Academy

Take the Fast & Stress Free Path to Build Wealth Teaching What You Know So You Can Afford Your Dream Life!
  • Educator & Coach: Angela
  • Content: Multi-modes
  • Content Level: Moderate
  • Certificate Included
  • Unlimited Lifetime Access

Claim Your Spot! Enroll NOW 

Pay in Full or Payment Plan, Whichever Works Best for You!
Now more than ever teachers feel overworked, overwhelmed, overextended! Do you know that feeling? Good News! There’s a way to build wealth so you can afford your dream life whether you choose to leave teaching or stay..or both ! 
Teacher Tycoon™ is your FULL PROOF path to launch a product based on doing what you love...teaching AND without stress, strain, or struggle. We'll guide you step-by-step in REAL TIME for your BIG launch!
Attend the powerful, highly interactive LIVE academy that guides you through Angela's tried and proven product launch workflow designed just for teachers to launch their wealth builder!  Enroll nowClasses begin July 12th!

Your Very Own Product Out There in the Marketplace!
Money Pouring In! How Does That Sound?

With all that’s going on, now is the time to build wealth and secure your financial future. The Good News is, we specialize in launching products so when you dive in, we'll be by your side every step of the way so you can launch your very own product as your wealth builder, doing what you LOVE . Join now and  you'll boost your confidence, master your field of expertise, and thrive in the day-to-day workflow of business as a TEACHER TYCOON™. Let’s do this!

We're here to help you launch your product and walk in your Master Boss Lady Vibe from day one. 

Unlock Your Inner Businesswoman

The day you begin class you become a successful businesswoman.

Develop your business skills

We give you the tools and resources to develop your business skills.

Launch Your Product in 4 steps

Follow our full proof actions steps diligently and launch in 4 steps.

Enroll in Teacher Tycoon™ Launch Your Own Classes as Your Wealth Builder Making 6 Figures or MORE!

Enroll Now and pay only $97 to claim your spot. Spots are filling fast! The LIVE Academy begins this FALL!  

Follow the Proven Path In Real Time to Launch Your Product and Make 6 Figures or more in Just 4 Steps! 

Enroll to work alongside and complete the play-by-play action steps to launch your own product and make real $$$$$$
Full Proof Steps to Launch!
  • Step 1--Purpose:  You'll identify and describe the purpose of your product
  • Step 2--Planning:  You'll plan your strategy and outline based on Angela's trademarked business model workflow
  • Step 3--Production:  You'll carry out the production of a product from idea to design to finalizing your handiwork 
  • Step 4--Promotion:  You'll share your product with your tribe using a dedicated sales and marketing strategy
  • It's GO Time: By the end of step 4, you'll be ready to offer your product to make REAL money doing what you love! 

It's Your Turn to Launch Your Product. Build Wealth. Be a Teacher Tycoon™

Enroll in The Teacher Tycoon™ LIVE Academy to follow the steps in REAL TIME to LAUNCH your product.  You got this cause we got you! Let's do this!

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