Welcome! I'm Angela, and I'm So Glad You're Here!

We all have a story...I'd love to hear all about yours. Whatever journey led you here, I'm so glad you made it! We've got a lot to talk about...
So, where are you in your life right now? You know there's more, right? You still believe in that dream life that you have yet to grasp, right!!??
Imagine Living your Best Life...
You know, the life you've dreamed about. My life's work is guiding you to be a better you, so you can live a better life. I believe in YOU!
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The Basis of My Life's Work and What I Still Believe.....

My work is not yet done...         
  • Manifesto:  In everything I do, my pure motive and intention is empowering you to be a better you so you can live a better life.  
  • Mission:  Help women build wealth through business so they can afford their dream life.
  • Vision:  Women all over the world living effective, meaningful lives that brings glory to God.
Engaging and Connecting to Empower Women is in My DNA. I love what I do because...

49.6 % of the people in the world are women. 

Nearly half of the world's population are women and above all, their number one desire is living an effective, balanced, meaningful life.

With 20+ years on the journey, I'm too legit to quit

I've dedicated my life's work to researching and spreading the message of passion, purpose, and power to women for over 20 years.

I'm serious...very serious about achieving goals

Our goal is to guide one million women all over the world to build a profitable business, and grow their empire so they can live the live they dreamed about.

Follow the Path to Build the Life You've Dreamed About

Our top priority is to guide you to leverage business through the Launch Lab and The Teacher Tycoon™ to build wealth so you can live your dream life.

You can absolutely have the dream life you've always wanted...I'm sure of it! I can be very certain because I've seen the steps in action...followed the steps myself, and we'll teach you step by step, in real time so you achieve your dream.

"You’ve tried the live and learn approach...we believe our ‘learn and live’ approach gets you results faster!"

You've tried the live and learn approach, and it may or may not get you where you want to go. We believe our 'learn and live' approach gets you results faster. 

Whether you want to enroll in the Business Wealth Academy to launch something new or Join the Advanced Cura Circle™ with the mountain movin’ motivator herself, Angela Tezeno, along with other amazing like-minded women of power, we’ve got you covered. Take a deep breath, and know for sure...you got this cause we got you!

We got you covered...our approach gets you results.

Our Founder was a REAL teacher for nearly two decades...teaching the RIGHT way is in our DNA!

Highly Interactive

You’ll enjoy highly Interactive, power-packed lessons with unlimited access on any device for your entire life.

Fun and Engaging

We feature fun, engaging, & laugh out loud experiences in our lessons---As a teacher, our founder believes that's the best way to learn.

Hand in Hand Connection

Our community offers the benefit of learning from others hand in hand through networking, connection, and collaboration.

Practical , Hands-on Approach

Our training is designed to provide the skills in a practical approach. We designed our lessons to be completed in real time so you're always moving toward the completed goal.

Goal-oriented, Full Proof Action Steps

The Strategies shared and knowledge learned allows you to see BIG wins throughout your lessons. Our goal-oriented full proof actions steps make success reachable for everybody.

Immediate Results

We understand the importance of momentum and when you see results along the way, you're more motivated to ride that momentum all the way until your vision is fulfilled.