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     I'm so glad you're here!  I help women all over the world, and I'll help you embrace, express, and realize your whole self to manifest your dream life. Yes, that includes your purpose, a healthy life balance, and growing wealth through business, which will lead to some astonishing changes in your life...for the better.

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Angela Tezeno

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Dream Life, Dream Business, Dream Empire!

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Let's Build Your Dream Life...We'll Start with Your VISION!

You make it look easy...you know, the 'being a woman' thing! The truth is, you have a lot of moving parts and "dream life" can sometimes be put on hold so you can just get through the day in one piece.  By landing here, you're already headed in the right direction toward a better YOU! Now, take your next action step and go get that life you've been dreaming about! 

Whether you need to balance your life, build your online business, or grow your empire (yup, it's ok to need all three), it all starts with YOUR VISION! Get the planners you NEED to start building the life of your dreams. 

Manifest Your Dream Life…
Start with your Vision

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Start Easy with a Small Win that Makes a BIG Impact on Manifesting Your Dream Life

Write Your Vision & Manifest 

The Vision Map Planners Gives You the Power to Unlock and Manifest Your Dream Life, Dream Business, Dream Empire 

What's Your Vision for Your Life?
What's Your Vision for Your Business?
What's Your Vision for Your Empire?

Get All 3 Vision Map Planners for ONLY $7

"Designed and built with women in mind who's ever had a BIG DREAM of building a life that you love.”

We’re contributing positive vibes for women at events and in the media! 

Look at the BIG WINS of Women in our Community

"MOUNTAIN MOVIN' MOTIVATOR" herself, ANGELA TEZENO! Angela Tezeno delivers an electrifying message of hope, power, and inspiration which provokes women to search deep within the soul to rediscover true purpose, destiny and value."

-Mary R.

"Angela’s workshop was practical, interesting, and effective. I am already using the 3 steps to improve my marriage and career."

-Sue G.

"My decision-making is more focused, which is helping me to accomplish the important tasks and objectives in my life. I've been able to clearly define the goals that are most relevant. I feel like I am getting things done, a very satisfying feeling."

-Kim W.


We'll Transform and Build Your Dream Life Together in the Cura’d™ Life Academy 

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Dream Life Academy is a community-driven, life-building classes and work space to elevate and escalate to your dream life. You'll have so much fun working side by side with 'sistahs' (just like you), building a life you love!
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