Hi, I'm Angela

     I'm so glad you're here!  My passion is helping women grow from IDEA to Successful Online Entrepreneurs.  

I'll walk alongside you in your journey to help you with your purpose, a healthy life balance, and growing wealth through business, which will lead to some astonishing milestones in your life...for the better. You got this cause I got you,

P. S. Let's Work On Manifesting…

Your Dream Life and Business

Our Motto is #BetterYou.BetterLife™

You're destined to live an effective, meaningful life that brings glory to God!

My message to you and What I know for sure…
You were born for greatness! You can absolutely have the dream life you've always wanted...I'm sure of it. I can be very certain because I've seen the steps in action..lived the steps myself, and I can teach you the proven path to go get yours!

You must be here because you want more out of life than just the ordinary routine day to day demanding life. You want to realize the life of your dreams! Well, you can have it, and it all starts with the proven path that you can take to go after the life you've always wanted. As a wife, mother of three (24, 20, 18), educator, business owner, author, speaker, balance + business coach, host of PB&J (Purpose, Balance & Jesus) Podcast, and board member of a Nonprofit Organization, I'm constantly navigating all the moving parts in my life, and it’s a life I truly love...a life of purpose, balance, and fulfillment. 

My great joy is helping women achieve their BIG goals. Engaging and connecting with women is in my DNA. It's my joy to help you build a dream life you love! I created the Cura'd™ Life brand to help women who are ready to release the madness of an unbalanced, unfulfilled life and build their dream life. I'll help you with every step to afford the dream life you've always wanted. "When you brave your demanding schedule with intention and walk out each day with purpose, I declare, you a Cura'd™ Woman." 

We all have a story...I'd love to hear all about yours. Whatever journey led you here, I'm so glad you made it! We've got a lot to talk about. So, where are you in your life right now? You know there's more, right? You still believe in that dream life that you have yet to grasp, right!!??
I believe in you..that's why I'm leading this brand in creating solutions for balance and fulfillment with transparency and meaningful intention. My life's work is helping women fulfill their purpose, achieve a healthy life balance, and maintain their WHOLEness so they live better. As I succeed in my work, you're part of the story.

So you’re Cura'd™, 

The Basis of My Life's Work and What I Still Believe.....

I was born to help ...that’s my purpose         
  • Manifesto:  In everything I do, my pure motive and intention is empowering you to be a better you so you can live a better life.  
  • Mission:  Help women build wealth through business so they can afford their dream life.
  • Vision:  Women all over the world living effective, meaningful lives that brings glory to God.
Engaging and Connecting with Women is in My DNA. I love what I do because...

49.6 % of the people in the world are women. 

Nearly half of the world's population are women and above all, their number one desire is living an effective, balanced, meaningful life and I’m here to help

With 20+ years on the journey, I feel too legit to quit

I'm clear about my purpose…that’s why I dedicated my life's work to researching and spreading the message of passion, purpose, and power to women for over 20 years.

I'm serious...very serious about achieving goals

My goal is to help you fulfill your purpose, achieve a healthy life balance, and encounter your WHOLEness so you live better.

I believe with all my heart when there’s a better you, you’re sure to have a better life, and that’s how I penned the phrase...Better you. Better life.™

"All you have to do is get Cura'd™ to live the dream life you've always wanted."

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