Boost Your Man's Morale

Jul 21 / Angela Tezeno

When You're in a Relationship, it's a privilege to help add Positive ENERGY to your man!

Being a coach for successful and high powered women, I’ve seen time and time again how the dynamic of a woman’s success can cause negative affects on her relationship with her man. You may see signs of this as well.Your guy is a good guy, but lately he’s been in a bit of a slump.  You fell in love with him in the first place because the two of you are so compatible and of course there’s the cute factor that played a part...let’s face it, a big part.  But you’re growing and hitting a high peak in your career, social life, accomplishing goals, and feeling really accomplished these days.Although you’re in a great space, this newfound peak can cause ripple in your relationship. You’d like to take him along for the happy life ride, but he’s not feeling you right now.n So here’s what you do...

5 Steps to Boost Your Man’s Morale

Step 1–Decide to Invest in Your Man
You must first decide if you’re willing to invest your time, energy, and wisdom as a willing participant in his personality revival. You have to make a conscious decision to be his power partner when he’s in a slump.
Step 2–Make Two Lists
The first list will comprise of of all the qualities you see in him—ambitious, honest, fun loving...those qualities you love about him. The second list will comprise of the undesirable character traits—the traits that is taxing on your relationship and quite frankly dragging him down.
Step 3-Write a Vision Statement
Write a vision state for your man. This vision statement is a clear, concise account that describes the man you know he can be. For example:  
___________(his name), is a highly intelligent thought-leader in the field of ___________(his role/work industry), who is present, kind, and fun-loving in our relationship, and compliments my life to a level of utmost excellence.

Step 4-Activate Your Vision
You activate your vision through a process just like you’d follow in your Cura Design (the process for designing a life plan from my book, Cura Your Life). Activate your vision by creating goals, steps, and an action plan for the steps you take—each step resulting in realizing your vision). First, think about what goals must be achieved for your guy to be “this man” in your vision statement. Once you determine the necessary goals, decide what steps he must take (with you as a partner) to achieve these goals. Finally, create an action plan you’ll follow in your daily life practices to complete all the steps to realize your vision of him.

Step 5-Stay Positive and Proactive
This is the perfect time to lavish your man with positivity. This step is not for the faint heart. With each positive statement, gesture, or action, it’s possible that he may counter with a “you don’t get it...”, or “I’m good...”, or worst of the worst, a grunt (no dialogue whatsoever). I encourage you to stay positive even when he’s negative. It’s not about you honey, it’s about being a light for him and if you take offense at what he does or says negatively, you’ll lose a great opportunity be an example of what you decided he could be.
You’re proactive when you create opportunities for him to win and WIN BIG through personal accomplishments. Instead of making casual suggestions, initiate doing something with him he likes to do as a confidence booster; like a hobby or project around the house. The more accomplished he feels, the better confident he’ll become, and you’ll begin to recognize the great guy you’ve come to know and love.

Do’s and Dont’s

What You Should Do:
Do take a breath and make a decision to invest in your man.
Do start with your list first—-that way you can see where he stands
Do take the time to write a vision statement. If you dont’ write the vision, you spin your wheels and get nowhere really fast.
What You Should Not Do:
Don’t give up on you man too soon. He’s the guy to chose for a reason (hopefully for the right reason). If you’re not sure, click here.
Don’t feel guilty for being a great space when he’s not. You can use your space to help him. If you’re feeling guilty are making less of who you are, you are in no way qualified to promote him.
Don’t —and I mean NEVER bash, ridicule, or talk down to your man like he’s your pet project. Men like to feel honored, and he’ll reject your help if comes from a place of insincerity, disrespect, or arrogance.

So you see, it’s not over for your man. The time and attention you’ve invest in your relationship will surely pay off. All people 
experience low points in their life. You have the power to lift up and boost your man’s morale to the level he once was and beyond.

So you're Cura'd™,