Feeling Like an Island in Your Business? Here's Why and What to Do Now.

Nov 29 / Angela Tezeno


Feeling like an island in your business? There are eight valid reasons why and you can take quick steps to change it. You are not alone and it's not uncommon. Knowing the reasons why this feeling happens to the best of us is the best place to start your journey to eliminating feeling this way. 

I'll lead with this...

Entrepreneurs often experience a sense of isolation in business due to various reasons. The reasons vary depending on the person, but there are eight very common reasons why this feeling occurs. I'll take a deep dive into each of these reasons. Self-reflect to determine if any of these feelings resonate with you. Later in the post I'll share what you can do now.

Feeling Like an Island in Business? Here's 8 Reasons Why You May Feel This Way:

Your Way Forward...

Now that you know the reasons WHY it's common to feel like an island in business, you can address the causes of  isolation with proactive steps that'll eliminate this feeling or at least buffer when feeling this way.  

Here's What to Do Now

Entrepreneurs who have a vision and community involvement feel less isolated. Having a vision to guide you in your journey is key and when you're rallied around your peeps you're less likely to feel like an island because you'e engaging with like-minded individuals, sharing experiences, and seeking advice that can help mitigate the feelings of being alone in your entrepreneurial journey.

Write the Vision & Find Your People

Write Your Vision 

When you take the time to Write Your Vision, you create a space to move freely in a positive direction. So instead of navigating your way through business feeling isolated you're guided by your vision, that simply states what you want to see happen in your business. My Vision Planning Workshop will is a guided vision planning that includes printable planners.  

Find Your People

Find Your People. You may have family or friends that provide built-in relationships and that's really important. What's even more valuable is connecting with other sistahs just like you who are entrepreneurs facing similar challenges. I built Cura Circle Society for that exact purpose, as a community to rally women of faith together to connect and collaborate as we help each other become a successful online entrepreneur.