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The LeapHer course is your 3-step start-up blueprint to actualize business start-up easily from just an idea to unleash, ignite, and launch your business.

Everything You Need for a Fast and Easy Launch 

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    Hi Sis, I'm Angela, the Creator of LeapHer™ and I'll be your coach.
    Hi, I'm Angela. I'm a perpetual optimist who believes living "on purpose" with a healthy life balance and being financially free is a sure fire path to living your dream life. I'm a wife, to my first love and we have three amazing children (25, 21, 19) who make our lives a bigger adventure. I was a teacher for 18 years and started my first business right in the middle of my teaching career…best decision I’ve ever made toward meeting my life goals, and I’m still on a roll! 

    With a Master of Education and Master of Management and Leadership, now the world is my classroom as an author, speaker full-time entrepreneur. I'm the founder and CEO of Cura Circle™, an online community where "FaithFuel" Women Unite to Succeed in Business and host of the PB&J (purpose, balance, & Jesus) Podcast. Although my passion and purpose work is writing, coaching, speaking, and hosting my community and my show. My favorite times are hanging with the fam, playing Pac-man and eating any food involving cheese—*all simultaneously, of course*.

    I invite you to Enroll Now to launch your business the fast and easy way..I know that sounds like it's too good to be true but I've WOWed others and I'll WOW you too!

    You got this cause I got you,

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    LeapHer™ Start-up Blueprint

    Just 3 Steps and you CAN Jumpstart Your Business Idea. If it were that simple, would you take the leap? Perfect. You can go ahead and enroll, now and let's get started!
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    Take the Leap, Sis! Start Your Business

    The LeapHer Start-up Blueprint helps you actualize business start-up from just an idea to unleash, ignite, and launch your business.
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    Learn the exact 3 steps to walk out your business idea and launch. When you take the leap you'll boost your confidence, build momentum, and actually start the business you thought was just a dream.
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